Research Interests

Florian Stahl's research interests are primarily in empirical quantitative marketing, marketing analytics and business economics. He studies the allocation, dynamics and measurement of marketing activities and their impact on consumer behavior, product demand and firm performance in various industries such as the automobile industry, the financial industry or the media industry. Specifically, his research addresses business related questions of customer management, in particular, of customers' brand and product switching behavior. Further research areas are social networks in marketing and social media metrics, consumers' intertemporal choice and discounting of future benefits, as well as pricing and sampling of (digital) products. Florian Stahl's research areas and topics include:

  • Digital Marketing Strategies (esp. Digital Pricing of Information Goods)
  • Customer Management (esp. Customer Switching Behavior and Customer Loyalty)
  • Social Networks in Marketing
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Advertising Budget Allocation
  • Branding and Brand Management
  • Consumer' Choice Models

Research Methods

Methodically Florian Stahl's research is based on empirical modeling, applied econometrics, Bayesian modeling and large scale field experiments.

Florian Stahl  •  Professor of Marketing  •  University of Mannheim  •  Mannheim Business School
L5-2  •  68161 Mannheim  •  Germany   •   E-mail: